Dench receives ISO 27001 certification # ISO 27001 certified iGaming Platform

Dench Solutions is one of the few platform providers recognised for “highest level of security” after being awarded ISO 27001 Security Management certification by the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

Following a successful sales campaign with a number of newly acquired EU regulated operators in 2017; the online gaming platform provider has been awarded the ISO 27001 certificate in recognition of its ability to meet strict security standard requirements when dealing with information.

ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security, awarded by the ISO following a comprehensive and complete audit. The certification outlines Dench’s ongoing commitment to its customers by ensuring that they deliver products with the highest security standard across all areas of the business.

Dobromir Mitev, CEO, Dench eGaming Solutions, said: “Obtaining the certificate wasn’t an easy task as it required positioning our focus and efforts on a number of different areas within our organisation and aspects of the business respectively.

“Transperancy and complete visibility of the processes have always been the main drivers while building our products therefore the decision to acquire the ISO certificate was a logical and natural way to re-affirm our strong position on data security. Managing data safely has never been more important, particularly with the General Data Protection Regulation due to become law next year. Operators and players are even more aware of security risks and are demanding more strict measures when it comes to protecting their data.

Dobromir Mitev, chief executive of Dench, said: “The UK market is undoubtedly one of the largest and most respectful licensed jurisdictions globally, with solid and strict regulatory requirements for both players and operators.

“ISO 27001 is а solid attestation that we are committed to provide and deliver the highest possible security standards in a safe environment while maintaining our agility and “hands on” approach in the development of new features. Operators require more flexibility when it comes to new products, however the newly regulated markets are placing greater emphasis on the data security, which we perfectly acknowledged and prioritised in our roadmap.