Added Value Services

We have the expertise and operational infrastructure to provide you with everything you need to take off your gaming idea.

  • Blazing fast website
  • Different templates
  • Animated buttons across the profile menu
  • Native app experience on PWA
  • Immediate access to the customers' desktop
  • Flexible way to create site messages with multiple templates
  • Instantly build fancy promotion pages, banners and more
  • Create, segment and run automated calendar campaigns
  • Add more information to your games library and improve SEO around games
  • Automate and reward end users based on multiple campaing KPIs

If you need some help with the operational work. We have got your back covered!

We have been assisting tier 1 operators in defining their go to market strategy for number of years in different territories. The expertise we have gained during the years is an elegant push and pull of acquisition and retention techniques complimented by our real-time marketing instrument Giselle.

We have been building an experienced retention team which is fully dedicated to providing a extensive portfolio of retention and optimization services and solutions, including:

  • Funnel (conversion) optimization
  • Player Retention Services (such as exclusive promotions, special events, and client communications)
  • A dedicated VIP/High Roller Team
  • Cross Sale to multiple vendors
  • Business analytics (customer segmentation and data mining)
  • Variety of communication channels fully integrated into the CRM (including via email, chat, SMS, and in-play)