Front End Development

The Dench platform is the next generation in turnkey gaming solutions, nurturing your bravest gaming ideas.

What we are doing?

Progressive Web App (PWA)

PWAs intend to combine the benefits of the mobile experience of native applications in an offline and interactive environment with the benefits which modern browsers offer. Without actually having a native app!

We are building custom native web components which are designed to work anywhere, anytime. The further we go in developing them, the faster we can deliver your custom made gaming website.

Your future gaming website is powered by Dench Core and future multi language support, can be used offline, thanks to caching almost all needed assets on your player devices. At the end - making sure the user experience is nice and smooth.

Why we are doing it?

Thanks for asking, we quite like curious people. Well, because we can? This is one of the reasons, but here are the more important ones:

You remember the famous movie with Keanu? Nothing prevents our new frontend tech to go beyond 80 mph.

There are no app bundles, your users don't wait to download 20 mb, no looping loading animations which take centuries. Your players get instant views, thanks to progressively loaded components, CSS styles and JavaScript. In certain cases, if a player never visit a page or section which uses a specific component he will never load it.

How cool is that? Saving you bandwidth, boost user experience, reduce repeated visits load time under 1 second? You heard that right. 1 second.

High five for that!

80%+ of your business is on mobile devices

  • Adding a gambling application is restricted by AppStore and Google Play.
  • We solve that and give you the freedom to access any user home screen, natively, fast and hustle free providing the same astonishing user experience without the time and costs required to build your native app.
  • More interestingly your users can install your PWA on Windows Desktop in the form of a tile, on their IPhone, Android or tablet devices to enjoy a fully native and responsive user experience.
  • Lastly, but not by importance, utilizing this type of technology will significantly boost your SEO rankings as search engines are starting to give priority and mark PWA websites.
  • We understand you probably don’t believe this, but give it a spin - open our page from your Iphone ;)

    From idea to native-like app. Let's get techie:

    • PWAs work for every user regardless of their browser, as they are developed with progressive enhancement at their core.
    • They provide native mobile app style navigation and interaction, whilst reducing loading speed and stalling.
    • PWAs do not rely on network connections as they use service workers to operate either offline or on very low quality networks. You can now really target your 3G users - you still remember what that is right?
    • Web based updates allow users to keep using your website and services. When there is an update a small prompt pops up and ask for a simple refresh. Forget about republishing or approvals!
    • As PWAs utilize HTTPS they prevent snooping and ensure content has not been tempered.

    Get ReactJS not JQuery!

    • The minimal code logic can effectively solve the slow loading problem caused by a poor user network or CPU. React can also implement offline caching, which will provide smoother browsing experience.
    • It provides a standardized API and can therefore be used cross browser.
    • React is also modular, so it fits perfectly on our architecture - it allows each component to be individually developed, tested and even released

    Don't request it, build it on the fly!

    • Create custom made banners across desktop, mobile and tablets for all various positions which you need.
    • You can easily put CMS content everywhere in your pages.
    • There are many ways to create your own pages where you are not limited by layout or design.
    • Fully customizable emails which can be used to reach your customers.
    • On the fly interaction with your customers with custom designed onsite popups and simple massages

    Don't order it, build it!

    • Create custom made banners for Your needs.
    • You can easily put CMS content everywhere in your pages.
    • There are many ways to create your own pages including built for Your needs templates
    • Fully customizable emails which can be used to reach Your customers.
    • On the fly interaction with your customers like onsite popups and simple massages

    Bring your vision to life!

    • Are you pissed of boring and motionless designs used everywhere?
    • We've got something for you!
    • There are many ways to create your own pages including built for Your needs templates
    • Our creative design team makes everything possible to guarantee your uniqueness in the industry.
    • Here are a couple of examples (you better sit on this one)

    There is so much more, however everything goes down to your idea and vision. If you are wondering, this website sits on top of the same technology described above.

    If you want to learn more how you can take advantage of this cutting edge tech, which by the way is adopted by about 2% of the web, and gain massive competitive advantage, click the button bellow.