Giselle V2

We don't make operators want our products
We make products that operators want.

Your players churn? You lack personalization? Your daily operational tasks take too much time?

You believe you can deliver much better user experience?

Take advantage of real time analysis of your player actions which are transformed in more than 200+ different KPIs which will give you deeper insights on player average bets, lead products, turnover, gross gaming revenue and many more. Use the data to slice and dice your player database and identify interesting segments and target groups.

Once you are done with that, you are encouraged to use our bonus & engagement campaign automation functionalities to offer something fresh and something new to your players in real time while they are enjoying your games.

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Your players actions revealed. Get to know your player habits, what they deposit with and when, what they are playing and when, what their average stakes are, turnover, gross gaming revenue, their bonuses and all that in various of time dimensions up to three years in the past. Cool ha?
Take advantage of our segmentation service which let you search for interesting patterns within your player database. Use all the 200+ KPIs to find what drives or cool down your players. In addition, we have added the ability to see how your segments changes over time.
Create numerous campaigns without limiting yourself to predefined bonus schemes or types. Now you are leading the show and you can decide when, under what conditions and how much you want to give players.

Generic deposit & reload bonuses, free spins, turnover cashback, ggr cashback, per spin cashback - you name it.
We always had troubles timing our bonus campaigns with the relevant messaging and communication with players over email, sms and other various channels. So, we wanted to get rid of that and made sure that while you are crafting your bonus campaign you can also integrate as part of it your communication strategy.

Announcing your campaign over email, following up with players which haven't joined or reminding them of their progress - all nicely bundled. Communicate over email, sms, onsite HTML overlays, simple messages or push messages, it's really up to you.

Our communication highlights:

A/B Testing
Not Opened tracking and follow up messaging
Not Clicked tracking and follow up messaging
Inline Email Editor
Rich Media Editor